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Compendium of Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

The course aims to provide an understanding of Decentralized Finance and its underlying concepts. Individuals will gain knowledge about mechanisms, risks, and practical aspects necessary to make informed decisions and participate in the DeFi ecosystem.
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Course description
The comprehensive DeFi course is aimed at individuals looking to expand their knowledge and skills in the DeFi space. Through this course, students will develop a deep understanding of the more complex aspects of DeFi and gain practical skills that they can apply in the real-world.

The course will be conducted entirely online, allowing students to study remotely from anywhere in the world.
Students are required to have English language proficiency, as the course is conducted entirely in English.
Practical explainers
End Assessment
Students should have a basic understanding of DeFi concepts and applications. It is recommended that students have completed:
Blockchain Technology Basics
Prof. Joanna Adams
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or have equivalent knowledge. Basic knowledge of programming is not required, but is beneficial.
Course of study
Foundations of Decentralized Finances (DeFi)

In this section of the course, you will learn about basics of blockchain technology and DeFi. We will present the history of blockchain, introduction to smart contracts and their deployment as well as useful tools for smart contracts usage.

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Decentralized Exchanges

Within the second chapter, you will understand the essence of decentralized changes and how to use them to your advantage. You will also learn about impermanent loss, liquidity pools and the role of Automated Market Makers.

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Practical tutorials

In this part of the course, we will introduce the concept of cybersecurity and teach you how to protect your investments. In addition, tutorials will take you step-by-step through all the functionality of Etherscan, Metamask, and related tools.

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Practical tutorials
DEX Overview

In this chapter, we'll delve into Uniswap's DEX model, exemplified by its Constant Product Market Maker mechanism and UNI token. We'll explore Curve Finance, a platform specializing in stablecoin trading, and Balancer. You'll grasp their functionality, learn its usage, explore unique features like liquidity pools and yield farming, and understand the mechanics.

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Practical tutorials
Decentralized Borrowing and Lending

Unveil the mechanics of MakerDAO, explore AAVE’s features, including flash loans and credit delegation, and grasp the concept of Compound’s lending protocol, complete with supply and borrow rates, over-collateralization, and cTokens. Dive into the future of finance with a comprehensive understanding of these innovative platforms.

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Practical tutorials

The sixth section will present an introductory overview of various DeFi derivatives protocols and concepts. It covers Yield Protocols and their mechanics, Dydx as an off-chain order book DEX with features like order processing and lending/borrowing, Synthetix as a platform for creating and using synthetic assets. Lastly, we will provide a bonus section about the possibility of trading NFT derivatives and relevant market information.

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Practical tutorials
DeFi Use Cases

In this chapter of the course, we delve into the captivating realm of NFTs, tracing their history, definitions, and showcasing notable examples. Furthermore, we explore the intriguing intersection of the gaming industry and social media, examining the revolutionary impact of DeFi-based gaming and the emergence of Lens.xyz-powered social platforms like Lenster, Phaver, and more. Finally, we will explore crowdfunding platforms and the concept of Liquid Staking Derivatives, highlighting their utilities and introducing platforms such as OpenFund.

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Practical tutorials
DeFi Research (DYOD) + End Assessment

In the chapter, we explore the art of research, underlining the importance of DYOR. We dissect the crucial aspects to investigate the project’s utility, team expertise, tokenomics, partnerships, community involvement, credibility, and more. Additionally, we delve into key metrics for project evaluation and the significance of vibrant crypto communities across platforms like Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Telegram, and Youtube. We also recommend a suite of current tools for effective research.

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Practical tutorials and end assessment
Please note that the University reserves the right to modify or cancel the course, as well as to revise the admission requirements or tuition fees, without prior notice.
Skills you will gain
Upon completion of this course, you will gain the following skills:
In-depth understanding of advanced options on Uniswap
Practical knowledge about necessary tools
Ability to track blockchain explorers such as Etherscan
Analyzing smart contracts without coding
Setting up multisignature
Deploying basic smart
Understanding of DeFi derivatives
Ability to audit protocols
Ability to conduct DeFi investments
Admission requirements
You can enroll in the course after signing up for the STC Wallet.

There are no specific admission criteria regarding the level of education or professional experience. However, each candidate must have a level of English proficiency that allows for free communication in writing, listening, and reading. Furthermore, each candidate must have access to the internet and fill out the required application form
Student Requirements and Process:
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